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Dec 01, 2020  

The authors had no explanation for these results and referred to them as "spurious." When you combine these two results, the concern is that they may all simply be random and unreproducible. Although other research was able to confirm the results of this study, the cognitive improvements that researchers saw were very also small. Q. How much water should women drink each day? Dr. Budson: For those individuals who are having no problems with hydration, I don't recommend that they change their habits. Most healthy people are generally good at following the signals that their body sends as to when to drink, and their kidneys and other organs perform just fine. However, individuals who are having problems with hydration — for example, those experiencing symptoms of dehydration, which include dark-colored urine, low blood pressure, weakness, dizziness, or confusion — may need to drink more. My simple recommendation for those who become easily dehydrated is to drink enough such that you have to urinate at least every two hours.



Chancellor Rishi Sunak delivering his spending review in the House <a href=more help of Commons, 25 November 2020' align='left' /> Extensive research by Kathleen Henehan of the Resolution Foundation shows “a strong association between training and returning to work, particularly among non-graduates”, and for people to change industry, “only full-time education has a substantial relationship with the likelihood of a 25- to 59-year-old making a career change”. Crucially, but ignored by the government: “Longer and qualification-bearing training is strongly associated with job re-entry among non-graduates.” The government’s apprenticeship programme was already in freefall pre-pandemic, creating only a fraction of its target of 3 million apprentices. On top of that, the figures for April and May this year are down 85% on 2019, FE Week has found. It was a good idea to make large employers pay a levy, to be reclaimed for apprenticeships – but as in so many previous training schemes, employers gamed it. Fewer than a quarter of apprenticeships went to under-19s, for whom it was intended. Money was spent instead on existing in-house training that was so minimal workers didn’t even know they had been designated apprentices. Many firms were so resistant to training, they preferred to let the Treasury take the levy, so the chancellor’s extra £2,000 to employers to take apprentices in this crisis hasn’t worked. Training and work schemes using private providers have often been gamed and sometimes defrauded: Labour’s shadow chancellor Anneliese Dodds warns of them cherry-picking easy cases in the Restart scheme. David Hughes, the head of the Association of Colleges, says: “There is no indication Restart includes any training.” And nor does it create jobs, which is what’s most needed. FE colleges have been flooded with applicants, as 16-year-olds escape the empty jobs market, but the extra FE funding doesn’t replace the cuts of the recent years. Total spending on adult skills dropped by 45% between 2010 and 2018 , says the rightwing thinktank the Centre for Policy Studies.