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Dec 01, 2020  

Derecho slows down tickets from Cedar Rapids traffic cameras CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - Regardless if you’re on the road this Thanksgiving or staying at home, those speed cameras are still watching the road. But, those cameras were turned off for about a month. The city of Cedar Rapids told TV9 the derecho took those cameras offline after they lost power on August 10. The cameras stayed off until September 4. While the cameras were turned off, the vendor for the cameras accessed the cameras for damage while the city replaced signs during the time. The cameras gave out around 5,300 tickets during August, which was a record low number of citations. Normally, the cameras regularly give out around 15,000 tickets a month. City Spokesperson Greg Buelow told TV9 in an emailed statement the city believes these high-speed cameras make the roads safer and help change behavior. “Before automated traffic enforcement cameras were in service, there was a 43.2 percent chance that an accident on U.S. Interstate 380 that is monitored by the ATE system would result in an injury,” he said. “After the cameras were activated, the likelihood decreased to 26 percent.” TV9 also learned of those tickets, which are contested about a quarter of those are dismissed.

It isn't in our core plan. If you look at our core plan, that's about heavy truck and check out your url hydrogen … which is why we said from the beginning it takes a partner. So, we have a partner, it's in play. If we don't have a partner, it's not." A GM spokesman declined to comment on the negotiations Wednesday other than the "transaction has not closed, and there is no new information" to report. Coster said JPM has a "sense that both GM and Nikola have reason to renegotiate the deal; Nikola may want to drop the Badger partnership, GM may want more stock to compensate for the diminished scope." If not finalized by Dec. 3, either side can walkway form the pact. Shares of Nikola were down as much as 17.4% during trading Wednesday morning. As of about noon, they had slightly rebounded to $30.65 per share, down 11.2%. The Sept. 3 deal was initially viewed as a no-lose situation for GM.